Mastering Sarf

Sarf is the study of the structure of words, enabling you to identify root letters and patterns. 

Sarf is often translated as ‘morphology’. The actual meaning of sarf is “the metamorphosing or changing of the ‘asl (base/root word) to many different examples so as to achieve meanings that could not otherwise be achieved” 

The science of sarf is mostly related to verbs and that which derives from them. This change is done to stretch the meaning and to also make pronunciation easy upon the tongue.

23rd Oct. 2020 - 5th March. 2021

Live Session - Fridays 9:30am -10:45am UK

  • Certified Course

  • 20 weekly lessons

  • 75 minutes per lesson

  • Introduction to Fa'el- tenses- Sentence structure -introduction to Baabs-Thulaathi mujjarad- Thulaathi Maeeed fih- Quranic Analysis

  • All classes are designed to be highly interactive and held via zoom. If you miss a lesson, (or even the whole course) video recordings will be uploaded and available for all registered students.

  • Self paced class, Ustadha will interactively explain the lesson with multiple examples using on screen presentations and white board. Depending on lesson requirement course material will be provided in PDF format.

Course curriculum

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