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Recitation & Tafsir

Surah Kahf - Surah Na'as

  • Duration: 1 YEAR

  • Certificate upon Completion

  • Recitation with Tajweed rules: 15 min before Tafsir session

  • Mon: 11am-12:30pm UK

  • Tues 10:30-12:30pm UK

  • If you miss a lesson, video recordings will be provided to all registered students. Recording access will be available till 31st August 2021 ONLY.

  • All classes held via Zoom live.

  • Eligibility: 15+

  • No classes in Ramadan

  • One time registration fee of £40 ($55)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Surah Al Kahf

    • Surah Al Kahf Recitation and Tajweed- Ayah 01-15

    • Zoom Class Link

    • Virtues of Surah al Kahf and Juma'a (Friday)

    • Surah al Kahf- Introduction/virtues. Verses 1-2

    • Surah al Kahf- verses 3-13

    • Surah al Kahf verses 13-15

    • lessons to learn- Verses 1-8

    • Recitation & Tajweed Surah al Kahf 16-22

    • Surah al Kahf - Tafisr 16-22

    • Recitation & Tajweed Surah al Kahf- 23-31

    • Surah al Kahf - Tafsir 23-31

One time registration fee - Quran Intensive

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