The pursuit of Knowledge is a privilege in Islam

Importance of Studying in Islam

Islam places great value on education. It is part of our faith to 'know'. The more one learn and act as per the knowledge, the higher their rank in the eye of Allah. In every community where Islam has been present, Muslim scholars have made a landmark in the development of education so that there has occurred the design of the appropriate methodology and curriculum for dispensing knowledge as well as achieving appropriate goals in the educational process. Due to the spread and the increasing patronage of the Islamic teachings, the classical Muslim scholars left no stone unturned in pushing the Islamic education system into the core domains of the society that received Islam, from the Middle East to the farthest corners of the world.

About the course

This course is principally designed for serious students with an interest in reading Classical Arabic Text.

This courses introduces the student to classical text and traditions  of learning, the route that the scholars walked on. It is an introduction to a rich and deep world on literature which often times is described as bottomless ocean.

Students will read and also translate themselves the text and grammatically analyse basic sentences (only to structure out the contextual nuances of what is begin explain by the writer).

The course will begin with a variety of  beginner level texts and gradually move up towards works of more intermediate writing. The lessons will be lively and students will discuss examples of various works from different genre and forms- yet all essential to the basic framework of the Muslim Scholarship twined into faith and spiritual growth.

Sessions Details

16 week pre recorded course

  • All live sessions are recorded, and will be made available for all registered students.

  • Registered students can access recordings, and benefit from them at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

  • Pre requests: This is essentially a text based course, so it is important that students can read Arabic at basic level + Understand Basic Arabic Grammar (Nahw) and Morphology (Sarf) + have a recognition of simple basic Arabic word

  • Any questions/ discussion, queries, reflections can be addressed to Ustadha via email or discussion box

  • One time payment: UD $103 (GBP£90)

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Pay Monthly-$22-Prices quoted are in US Dollars, click here to check the price in GBP, Click here to check the price in AED.
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